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Feb Club 2018 - The Tipsy Alchemist

  • The Tipsy Alchemist (map)

Legend has it that Feb Club started in the ‘70s, that it ended in the late ‘90s and that it was resurrected in 2006. Each year, a student, group of students or organization would be handed down the solemn task of organizing 28 (29) parties around the Yale campus, and spreading the word among the student population. In the early days, there was no e-mail, no web pages, no Facebook.... so word of the parties, their locations, hosts and themes were truly spread by word of mouth. Feb Club parties ranged from simple get-togethers in a dorm room to elaborate choreographed affairs involving multiple hosts and locations. In 1987, for example, parties ranged from 18 holes at Timothy Dwight College (i.e. 18 rooms, 18 themes), to a highfalutin affair at the Yale Yacht Club, to Valentine's Day red “special” jello at Zeta Psi, to a Manhattan road trip, to the annual upside-down kamakaze tradition at Morse College.