The Yale Club of Dallas is North Texas's chapter of the Association of Yale Alumni. We are open to all members of the Yale family including students of Yale College and Yale's Graduate and Professional Schools both past and present, parents, widows, professors.

Our mission is to  empower Yale alumni to have a positive impact in the Dallas community.

Our Story

The Yale Club of Dallas first met formally in 1946, at least to according to evidence in our alumni records.  Our Club's history is being compiled now, and we encourage interested alumni to contact the President with any information they may have.

Branford Courtyard

Branford Courtyard

Past Presidents

2016-2017        Eric Brewer   

2014-2016        Bobby Gibbs

2012-2014       Caroline Jennings

2009-2012        Dick Massimilian

2008-2009        Holland A. Sullivan, Jr., BA 2001

2006-2007        Kevin Rogan 

2004-2005        Gordon Walker

2003-2004        Linda Kiraly

2002-2003        Gordon Walker

1996-1997        John F. Pergande, BA 1985 

1995-1996        Dr. Jay P. Sackler, BA 1948

1994-1995        Constance Azzi, MS 1959

1993-1994        Joyce-Marie Garay, BA 1984

1992-1993        Jonathan Thalheimer, BA 1979

1990-1992        Kenneth B. Raupple, BA 1968

1988-1990        Grace Alcala, BA 1978

1987-1988        James R. Latimer, III, BA 1968

1986-1987        James S. Gerhardt, BA 1976

1984-1986        Richard H. Barry, BA 1966 

1982-1984        Robert W. Moss, BA 1965

1980-1982        Robert W. Ryan, BA 1956

1979-1980        Vincent W. Perini, BA 1962

1977-1979        James E. Balme

1975-1977        Karl Ziebarth, BA 1958

1973-1975        Earl O. Latimer, II, BA 1960

1971-1973        Roy G. Sheldon, BA 1953

1969-1971        Jack R. Wahlquist, BA 1955

1967-1969        Thomas P. Jones, III, BA 1951

1969-1970        Donald Howe, BA 1962

1960s         Richard D. Bass, BA 1950

1960s         Malcolm K. Brachman, BA 1946

1960s         Bruce Calder, BA 1945

1960s         James H. Coker, BA 1955

1960s         Larry A. Hart, BA 1936

1960s         Joe H. Staley, Jr., BA 1959

1960s         Barney T. Young, BA 1955

1958-1960        Richard I. Galland, BA 1937

1954-1956        Charles H. Chapin, BA 1934

1946-1954        [not yet recorded; alumni interviews pending] 

The above information is from our last printed alumni directory in 1996.  The list included this caption: "Editor's Note: The list above was compiled from the best sources extant.  Errors, omissions, and oversights are unintended.  It is known that the first meeting of the Club was in 1946, but the records of the earlier years are not available."  This list is incomplete and will grow as we learn more from our alumni.  Please email the President if you have additional information about our Club's officers, directors, or its history.