September 2017 Letter to Dallas Area Yale Alumni

Linonia and Brothers Reading Room

Linonia and Brothers Reading Room


Great Opportunity to Serve Your Fellow Yale Alumni, Yale and the greater Dallas Community

Dear Yale Alumni in the Dallas area:

We had a very successful 2016-2017 and are looking forward to building on our club’s success in 2017-2018.  We have lots of opportunities for you to participate in or lead various club activities.

As you know, Eric Brewer has served with distinction and great effect as President of the Yale Club of Dallas (YCD) for the past couple of years.  Eric has accepted a position in Wisconsin on short notice and has thus resigned with immediate effect.  We wish him well, sorry to see him go, but must move quickly to fill his big shoes.  

Separately, Scott Wiehle has just let us know that due to the press of other successful efforts in his business career he needs to step down as Treasurer.  Thus, we have a second officer position to fill.  These officer positions are up to 3-year terms.  The time requirements are not onerous, a few hours a month. The president is the general manager of the club and presides of over board meetings.   The president is also an automatic delegate to the Yale Assembly. 

There is a full description of the posts in the Yale Club bylaws, see:

Finally, there have been a few vacancies on the Board due to career changes.

So, we would ask each of you to consider whether you could serve as a Director, and more importantly, as an officer of the Club.  We have started a very successful program to interest young women (12 - 17) in the STEM channel, with our March WEST (Women in Engineering, Science and Technology) program, and have a lot of work to do in the next few months to prepare for an even more successful event in 2018.

Dallas WEST 2017 description, see

Don't be bashful.  But if you are, please suggest a Yalie you know who would be a good candidate! We may also want to renew or fill the posts of Vice President, and Secretary. 


2) let us know if you would be willing to serve in some capacity, or in a particular function if you like (self-nomination), and
3) suggest individuals who you think would be suitable candidates.

We will need best E-mail and phone number for the candidates.  We ask that you respond by next Wednesday, 11 Oct, so we can contact you, or them, directly and discuss.

In closing we thank you for your past participation in Yale Club of Dallas activities and we look forward to your continued participation in service of the Yale alumni of Dallas, Yale University and the greater Dallas community.

Thanks, hope to hear from you.


Ricardo Koster, Acting Secretary

For The Board
Yale Club of Dallas